How to Store Food More Sustainably

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am nut when it comes to recycling, not creating waste etc. etc.  Truthfully, it’s not even something that I think about much anymore, it’s just a normal part of my everyday life.

I try to avoid buying single use containers/individual packages as much as I can, and I cook a lot at home. And you know what drives me absolutely nuts? When I’m done cooking, I fill my container to put the rest in the fridge… and then I can’t find the lid. Or better yet, what literally just happened to me- I filled my container and put on the glass lid but it wouldn’t fit in my fridge shelf because the knob on the lid was too tall.

Enter: Bees Wrap – Plastic Saran Wrap Substitute!

My salad- wrapped!

This stuff is literally the coolest!!! It’s reusable, washable and way more sustainable than buying saran plastic wrap that you throw away.  This particular pack comes in 3 sizes which is great because you do want it to fit as closely as possible to the container opening size.  It’s also great when you have something that’s overflowing beyond the top of the container and it won’t even fit the lid that you have found (assuming you can actually find it, unlike me).

You create a seal literally by using the warmth of your hands.  If you just hold it down for a few seconds you’ll feel it “melt” and mold to whatever shape you are trying to cover.  I usually try to hold and press it against the container, obviously not the food itself which it wouldn’t “stick” to anyway, so don’t worry about that.

When I’m done I just wipe it down with cool water and a sponge (no warm water, see “melting” above). I let it dry, then fold it and store it until the next time I use it.

Makes an awesome housewarming gift for the friend who has everything (or nothing and needs to start somewhere in obtaining kitchen supplies!)



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