Welcome to Grown Up Thangs!


A place where you can talk about adult stuff … not THAT kind of adult stuff… but all kinds of thangs!  Like the thangs you want to know but are too embarrassed to ask… Or the thangs that you do ask me and I write down here so I don’t have to repeat it.

“You’re such an adult” – everyone to me.  Thanks, I think.  “What is the best ABC?” and “How did you XYZ?” well, a lot of googling, a lot of questions and a lot of trial and error.  So that I don’t get carpal tunnel/am able to save my vocal chords for my X-Factor audition, I decided to make a website for you my friends!  Being a grown up is not scary, but today it can be complicated.  If you take care of the boring “adult stuff” the right way the first time around, you’ll have more time to enjoy life.

I am by no means “an expert,” but I do know some thangs about some thangs.  All the advice in here is my opinion- follow it at your own risk 🙂 Feel free to make requests or send questions on whatever thangs you want to know. And yes, the domain name for GrownUpThings was taken. But saying “thangs” is also more fun, which life should be without worrying about boring shit like your credit.

In honor of my dad, who always had all the answers to all the questions.